PANGA Laboratory Personnel

Rex Flake
Research Staff; M.S., 2003, Central Washington University; L.E.G., 2010, State of Washington; Engineering Geologist, Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array
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Tim Melbourne (Director)
Professor, Ph.D. 1999, California Institute of Technology: Seismology and Continental Deformation
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Victor Marcelo Santillan
Research Staff; M.S., 2003, Center for earthquake Research and Information, University of Memphis; Scientific Programmer and GPS Data Analyst, PANGA Data Analysis Center
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Craig Scrivner
Research STaff, Ph.D. 1998, California Institute of Technology: Seismology
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Walter Szeliga
Research Professor, Ph.D. 2010, University of Colorado at Boulder
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Current Graduate Students

Logan Grey, BS in Physics, Purdue University, 2021
Kiersten Wilbur, BS in Geosciences, Pacific Lutheran University

Graduate Alumni

Garet Huddleston , M.S. 2023; BS in Geology
Paleoseismic Investigation of Rupture on the Dead Coyote Fault in the Kittitas Valley, Washington

Jamie Hansen, M.S. 2022; BS in Geology
Assessing the Mechanics of Two Earthquake Clusters in the Basin and Range Province

Rachelle Reisinger, M.S. 2020; BS in Geology
Modeling of Potential Historical Tsunamis from Large Earthquakes in the Izu-Bonin Mariana Subduction Zone

Ben Norford, M.S. 2019; BS in Geology
Rapid Earthquake Characterization with Real-Time GPS

Catherine Jeffries, 2018; BS in Geology
Tsunami Excitation Estimation from Real-time GNSS

Jesse M. Senko, M.S. 2018; BS in Geology
Slip Estimation from Real-Time GPS in Cascadia

Hillary Goodner, M.S. 2014; BS in Earth Science, Northern Michigan University, 2011
Spatial relationship between GPS slip and seismic tremor during Cascadia slow slip events

Elyse Frohling, M.S. 2014; BS in Geology, University of Montana, 2011
Assessing the seismic potential hazards of the Makran subduction zone

Rodger Wilson, M.S. 2011; BS in Geology, Central Washington University, 2009
Do deformation transients produced by Cascadia slow-slip events modulate seismicity at Cascade volcanoes?

Emily Parker, M.S. 2009; BA in Geology, Colorado College, 2007
Understanding active faulting in the Himalaya: A geodetic study.

Ana Aguiar, M.S. 2008; BS in Physics, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2004
Seismic Constraints on Slow Slip Events Within the Cascadia Subduction Zone

James Chapman, M.S. 2008; BS in Geology, North Carolina State Univerisity, 2001
Energy budget analysis of slow-slip aseismic events along the Cascadia convergent margin using GPS array data

Ray Chuang, M.S. 2007; BS in Geology, International University, Taiwan, 2001
Interseismic Crustal Deformation and Seismic Potential in the Luyeh Area, Eastern Taiwan.

Walter Szeliga, M.S. 2006; BS in Geophysics, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2002
Transient Detection and Modeling of Continuous Geodetic Data

Mike Caron, M.S. 2003; now at GRAMM Associates, Richland, WA.
Realization of continuous GPS velocities over a neotectonic crustal block model for the Puget Sound area and the implications for seismic hazard.

Rusty Ardoin, M.S. 2002;
Vertical deformation near Willapa Bay, Washington.

Ken Austin, M.S. 2001; BS in Geology, Central Washington University, 1998
now PBO Field Engineer, Pacific Northwest
The co-seismic displacement fields for the 1992 Landers and 1999 Hector Mines earthquakes, from regional GPS observations

Cyndy Kissler Journey, M.S. 2001
Refining the measured frequency of great earthquakes along the Cascadia subduction zone

Kim McLean, M.S. 1999; now at Texaco
Neogene shortening across Naryn and At Bashi Basins, southern Kyrgyz Tien Shan

Andrew Miner, M.S. 2001;
Eocene tectonics and active deformation in Cascadia

Ben Pauk, M.S. 2000; now PBO Regional Engineer, Alaska
Statistical analysis of Global Positioning System data for applications to volcano deformation modeling monitoring and Pacific Northwest coastal uplift