Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array
Central Washington University

Explanation of Data

Time series produced by the CWU Geodesy Lab for Pacific Northwest sites are network solutions in ITRF2008 with phase ambiguities resolved. Solutions are computed with JPL/NASA orbits and satellite clocks. In order to provide all available Cascadia GPS and GNSS data in a consistent reference frame, additional data from the Western Canada Deformation Array and EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory, CORS, and other stations located throughout the greater Pacific Northwest are processed by CWU and included here. Use of these data should include appropriate sponsorship of these agencies.

To select a station you can scroll to the site of interest or type its site code into the search field above the station list and hit the <Enter> key on your keyboard.

When a site is selected, a plot of all the available data is shown as a 3-component plot of motion in the North (N), East (E) and vertical (V) directions, complete with error bars.

The "Customize this plot" option, to the upper right above the data graph, will open a new window that will enable you to choose time and amplitude ranges, control which components are shown and hide the error bars.

Clicking the "Data" link next to each component of the timeseries will open a new window with the solution values displayed as a text file. The header of that file lists details of solution statistics. The data values are given in 3-column form: time in digital year form, solution in millimeters, and error value.

Position data are available at three different levels of post-processing and can be selected by the tabs above the timeseries plots:

Blue lines indicate times of known artifacts, such as corrected hardware upgrades, and green lines indicate times of known tectonic signals such as slow earthquakes.

If you would like to acquire all the solutions for all stations processed by the CWU Geodesy Lab, see "Daily Solutions Archives" at the top of the page. There are separate zip archives for "Raw", "Detrended" and "Cleaned" solutions.

Data acknowledgement should read "GPS time series provided by the Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array, Central Washington University."